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Auto tailgate motor production and assembly line

The automobile tailgate motor production and assembly line has a high degree of automation, including rotor section, magnetic bottom section, rubber cover section and general assembly section, which directly produces the finished motor.

The equipment runs fast and adopts material transmission modes such as manipulator and circulating block, with stable structure and high production rate. MES system is adopted for the whole line,

Realize real-time traceability of production data. Visual, pressure, displacement and other detection methods are adopted to ensure product quality. Noise, vibration, motor no-load, load

The running in and other testing processes are carried out directly on the line, saving manpower and material costs.

Equipment Characteristics

Staffing: 2 persons, 8 seconds, finished motor

Equipment composition: rotor automatic production line, magnetic base component assembly line, carbon brush component assembly line, motor production general assembly line

Intelligent, unmanned production and processing, support intelligent storage system to achieve efficient operation

Real-time grasp of on-site production, equipment running status, convenient to coordinate the development of production plans

Equipment Advantages

High production efficiency, 8S/PCS for the whole line

High degree of automation, the whole line of 25 sets of equipment, only 2 operators, directly out of the finished motor

Intelligent production, the whole line MES system, real-time control of the production situation

High stability of the equipment, to meet the mass production

High degree of equipment modularity, fast changeover speed

High precision of equipment parts processing, low defective rate of products


Product specification

Applicable product model 2952 tailgate motor
efficiency 8S/PCS
Number of machines 25
Staffing 2952 tailgate motor
area covered 25.1m×4.4m
Grain movement rate 85%
Qualified rate 99.7%

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