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Introduction to the field

With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles in recent years, the overall increase in global automobile production and sales. And the vehicle motor as an important part of the automation, intelligent implementation components, its application areas will only be increasingly large, its market environment is very optimistic. China as an automotive market also provides a natural advantage for the development of China's vehicle-mounted motors.

At the same time, China is promoting the adjustment and upgrading of China's automotive industry, encouraging the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-tech level of independent brand vehicles, and maintaining a greater support for new energy vehicles. In 2016, the State Council officially released the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries", which once again clarified the status of new energy vehicles. 25 April 2017, the "Medium and Long-term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry" was released, aiming to implement the strategic deployment of building a strong manufacturing country and promote the construction of a strong automotive country.

The market and various regions have given encouragement and support to new energy vehicles and electric drive systems. The development of electric motor tends to be miniaturization, high efficiency, energy saving and precision, and Jinminjiang, as a high-quality integrated solution supplier of complete sets of equipment in the industry, will also ride on the tide of the development of the times and move forward with determination.

Industry Pain Points

Although China's new energy motor industry has made a series of promising achievements, but there are still some outstanding problems to be solved.

Overcapacity still needs to be solved

Mismatch between supply and demand, insufficient effective demand

At the low end of the industrial chain

Large but not strong

Insufficient incentive for innovation and development

Lack of key credible technology

Lack of "artisan spirit"

Our Advantages

Brand Value

Nearly 22 years of technology and market precipitation

R&D Capabilities

150+ people design and R&D team 200+ technology patents > 13% of sales for continuous R&D and technology upgrade industrialization and information technology and other auxiliary systems introduced (NX\TC\ERP\CRM\OA\machine plus sweep system)

Business Philosophy

Technological innovation, product innovation always keep the product in the front of the market

Talent Ladder

Respect for talent and the introduction of people-oriented core drivers 10% of the annual introduction of talent

Machining and Production

Powerful machining team (120+ people) Perfect, high precision machining and testing equipment (about 200 sets in total) Professional and efficient production and delivery team (300+ people)

Marketing & Service

Perfect sales and after-sales service network professional and efficient after-sales service team whole process professional marketing services (pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales)

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